Surf, Kite and Windsurf Galleries

21-28/03/'04 Kitetrip to Hurghada, Egypt

03-10/03/'05 Kitetrip to Sal, Cabo Verde
(allow pop-up and be patient for pictures to load)

28/09/'05 Kitetrip to Natal, Brasil

08/05/'06 Kitesession with Yordi and Romain

31/01/'07 Surfsession in Las Americas

09/03/'07 50kts windsurfing in El Médano

23/04/'07 Surfsession in El Médano

06/07/'08 Mormaii session con Guilly Brandao

01/08/'08 Windsurf session Cabezo

22/09 - 04/10 Mentawai surftrip

21/04/'09 Windy Eastern windsurf sessions in El Médano

10-24/01/'10 Shinn Photoshoot in Barbados

02-02-10, wintersession at Flashpoint

15-01-11, SUP session Las Americas

14-06-11, Windsurf session Cabezo

17-07-11, PWA World Cup Cabezo, Tenerife

06-08-11, Xtreme Jump Siam Park

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